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27 inspired way to decorate your sunglasses
1. embroidery
Create a cross-stitch design, tracking it to sunglasses, drill the appropriate design into every shot hole, then through the apertures design. Complete tutorial can be found here.
2. Pastel flowers
Glue ceramic flower to your shades- easy and super cute counter! Blog here.
3. Pearl
Glue along the top of your shades added some replica ray bans for sale gorgeous pearl. Look at these directions.
4. geometric patterns
Solid color nail polish to decorate with white geometric design sunglasses. This blog post has the details.
5. Stud
Give your nails a number of hot fixes Raybans sympathetic. Just cut the bolt size reel with hot glue is suitable for your sunglasses band, as is done here.
6. Seed Beads
Please razzle dazzle by gluing seed beads along the top of the frame, so do blog.
7. rhinestone peace sign
In the shadow of a pair of circular perimeter cheap replica ray bans glue rhinestones, and then create each style hippie peace sign inside the eye. Here are fully tutorial.
8. bow
By gluing a small plastic bow ends of each piece, because to do this blog add a girly twist.
9. skull
Tracing some fabulous skull embllishments and glue them along your shades framework, doing a blog, an avant-garde atmosphere.
10. A large artificial flowers
A super gorgeous flowers along the top edge and see hot glue fake flower head. Tutorials found.
11. The smaller artificial flowers
Close off the base of a small artificial flowers and glue them to look along the top edge, which is a bit more subtle, but still the first turn, as do the bloggers.
12. Lace
This post explains how to cover each and every shot where to buy replica ray bans full with glue, then a lace top. A very cool look- although perhaps not the most practical.
13. Striped Fabric
Wrapped in bright striped fabric on each temple, make your colors pop. Get all the instructions here.
14. Dot
Direct eraser stick to create drawing dots and baking the perfect tool. According to this tutorial.
15. The shape of the party
From crazy glue around the shape of the lens cardboard template created and decorative coatings and decoration. A more detailed description here.
16. Rhinestone Bling
Decorate your diamond pendants and other floral sunglasses declare this leopard. All you need is a hot glue and pliers, which direction.
17. Nail Polish
With painter's tape to mark the area you want to add replica ray bans canada some color, and then paint on the frame of nail polish. Color and design possibilities are endless. Find more details here.
18. Paint
With painter's tape to mask the area you do not want to draw, then spray. It looks particularly fashionable, if you only need to add a couple of small color band, as is done here.
Because there is nothing you can not decorate the liar. Here sustenance.
20. Fruit Bouquet
Great fruity gum decorated in the upper right corner of each lens, and then add your sunglasses tropical stones along the top frame. This post has all the details.
21. Chanel cesium
Chanel cut cesium sticky paper (use Xacto knife to get in the area between the two), and adhere to the lens tone for DIY design appearance. This tutorial shows you how.
22 Stars
Plastic star decoration along the top of each frame, as done here. The first four great party in July.
23. Flash
For some shimmer summer calls. Protecting our lens with paint, covering the Defense Department Porch and add some glitter. According to this tutorial.
24. Butterfly
To decorate colorful butterfly channel your inner nature, glue, because here is complete.
25. Couple
This post shows how to create a heart-shaped replica ray bans free shipping foam frame and candy with V- Tianrun them. This will definitely be a chatterbox.
26. Baroque design
Make your own clay decoration and then glue it to your frame. Get all the details of the job.
27. secret information
Write a little message in the temple, for the completion of the blogger. A great gift! 

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