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  For a wearing spectacles for nearsighted, see street on the belle ray ban sunglasses uk price of handsome young man wearing a variety of beautiful cool sunglasses, the heart can only envy.
  Of course, myopia is not say can not wear sunglasses, has two kind of way to solve: 1, wear contact lenses, and then put on their favorite styles of sunglasses (the disadvantage is that the contact lens wear up more trouble, is not suitable for long wearing); 2, Internet and spectacles stores also have Sunglasses clip sold, it is easy to buy (problems with the sunglasses clip style single, it is difficult ray ban polarized sunglasses uk to find their favorite styles)
  So, after studying the structure of the half day Sunglasses clip, I decided to DIY a pair of sunglasses folder.
  Below to share a personal production of sunglasses clip process.
  One, material preparation:
  1 pairs of sunglasses a deputy (choose their favorite style sunglasses, to choose a dual beam, so that the production of good fixed clip)
  2.3D red blue glasses clip ray ban aviator sunglasses uk a piece (mainly with the upper clip, choose 3D red blue glasses clip is because this is cheaper, a few dollars can buy)
  3 ordinary needle a (fixed)
  The 4 pliers, screwdriver, small stone (or file), transparent tape and other tools.
  Two, production process:
  First two pieces of good photos
  1 with pointed nose pliers ready sunglasses glasses legs and nose pads removed, with stone (or file) will be removed burrs
  2 with a small screwdriver to remove the 3D red blue glasses clip on chip
  3 pieces of metal clip and remove the fixed lens (behind sunglasses should be installed in this position.)
  4 will be ready to cut the needle cheap ray bans sunglasses uk length for the embedded position are as follows
  First sunglasses on the beam in step 3 to get rid of the position of the metal sheet and determine the needle to be installed in the position and sunglasses under the beam alignment
  Then in each side of the drill a hole, pay attention not to drill, can get stuck needle like
  5 clip installed in the central beam Sunglasses (according to 3D the red and blue glasses clip on the original spring card, to suppress the beam)
  6. Use scotch tape to needle and sunglasses beam fixed together (who only think of such a relatively simple fixed way, basically beautiful pair of glasses not much impact)
  7 Sunglasses upper beam and the lower beam and the clamp, a DIY Sunglasses buy ray ban sunglasses online uk clip will be accomplished 

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